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Q: 1-31

1: Do you prefer pancakes or waffles?

2: What is your favorite breakfast?
Not sure I don’t really eat breakfast.

3: What kind of weather is your favorite?
When it’s hot but not too hot I wanna die. I like to be able to wear shorts and stuff.

4: When was the last time you climbed a tree?
Years ago

5: What was your favorite year in school (so far)?
Year 10 or 11 because I had finally made friends

6: What colors has your hair been in your life?
Brown, red and purple

7: Do you prefer your hair long or short?

8: What’s your go to sitting around on the couch food?
No idea

9: What clubs do/did you participate in at school?
Choir that’s about it tho

10: What’s the first money you ever legitimately purchased?
The first money? What?

11: What’s the first album you ever legitimately purchased?
Probs sclub tbh

12: How would you describe your aesthetic?
I have no idea honestly

13: What are little things that your good friends know about your that casual friends don’t notice?
Tommy keeps telling me I put my face in my hands when I talk about certain things and no one else seems to have noticed..

14: What is something you and your best friend say/do that seems strange to an outsider?
Get each other girlfriend cards for birthdays and Christmas

15: Do you like to sleep near the wall, the middle, or the open side of the bed?
Open side I guess

16: What’s the strangest rumor that has ever been spread about you?
I don’t think one has actually been spread because I was like the least popular person ever

17: What is the most flattering compliment you remember receiving?
Any compliment is flattering to me (I don’t receive them often)

18: How involved were you in the drama of your high school?
Like very little

19: What’s the most uncomfortable thing a stranger online has said to you?
‘Ive sent you my picture now you can send me yours’ that was their opening line.

20: What’s an embarrassing thing that has happened to you?
Every day is an embarrassment

21: When sleeping with another person do you prefer to stay over at your house or theirs?
It changes

22: Do you ever send anonymous messages of any variety?
Not really

23: Do you feel comfortable running into people from your high school?

24: What laws are that you feel bothered by?
None really don’t really know to many if I’m honest

25: Do you like to cuddle while you are sleeping?

26: Do you know how many people you have kissed?
Oh god, I used to but I stopped counting because it was the gayest thing I’ve ever done.

27: What are things you find really sexy in other people?
Their hair, or how they act around me. If they’re like confident towards me that’s nice

28: What are your favorite parts of your own body?
My eyes that’s about it

29: What are you favorite places to be touched?
My hair, back and tops of my legs

30: Do you or have you ever owned any sex toys?

31: How many times have you had sex with the last person you slept with?

Thank you anon!

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I need some tattoo ideas, help me?

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being an unattractive horny teenager is actually so hard i want to cry 

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if your teenage years are meant for experimenting with relationships i’m fucked

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